NOISE Report - February 18

Crown My Crew held their annual Black History month dance competition at Hope Skate.

Candice Price, a mother of one of the dancers, was elated with the turnout:

“I love all the family support, I love that the place is packed and it's standing room only, especially on a day the weather is bad, no one knew how the roads would be and everyone still turned out for this. I mean it's just terrific.”

Shanketta Newsom, Founder and director at I Heartbeat Dance, whose crew performed but did not compete at half time, was proud of the teams:

“How the young people come together and express themselves through art is very liberating and the fact that is was a black history month theme, to see how creative they were was awesome to see today.”

The competition had two categories Pee Wee for ages 13 and under and Varsity for 14 and up.

Performances were fierce as groups such as O.NE Finest, Beautiful Illusions Entertainment, and SBS, served high energy routines mixing black history speeches and radio hits.

Only one champion from each category could reign Supreme and O.NE Finest won both.

Director of O.NE Iasha Phelps exclaimed:

“We won first place!!”

The next Crown My Crew Competition will be on June 16 over Juneteenth weekend.

I'm Dawaune Hayes.

At their first seed sharing event of the season, City Sprouts and The Big Garden announced their Urban Ag School for any and everyone interested in growing their own food.

Alex O’Hanlon of City Sprouts explained:

“We had a big reveal of our Urban Ag School which includes all the information education classes you that you need to become a proficient home gardener or small scale urban farmer.”

The Big Garden and City Sprouts envision a community empowered to grow, eat and  promote sustainable healthy, local foods.

For anyone interested, you can pick up free seeds at NOISE POWER Hour on Saturdays.

I’m Luis Jimenez.

Dawaune Hayes