Culxr House Regional Tour Features Marcey Yates & J. Crum

The Jump On Tour

Omaha Hip hop artists Marcey Yates and J. Crum are taking their show on the road, adding to the list of cities in their portfolio for the year. Yates has had a busy year organizing neighborhood events and workshops in the local community.


This tour is the first for our jump on tour program. Culxr House is connecting Omaha music and art communities with others from out of state. They’re building the artist community through safe spaces and positive hip hop recoding studio.

Marcey Yates to speak at creativemornings Omaha this friday

October 11, 8:00am - 9:30am CDT. Hosted at OutrSpaces

Marcey Yates| North 24th Street

Flow by CreativeMornings” partners are:

  • OutrSpaces

  • Greater Omaha Chamber

  • Hot Shops Art Center

  • The Reader

  • SecretPenguin

The event is sponsored globally by Mailchimp and

Luis Jimenez