Culxr House Hosts Author Heidi Hermanson

Saturday, May 18, Culxr House will have poetry with Heidi Hermanson, author of “Waking to the Dream,” a book and love letter to the Midwest.

Culxr House is located at 2417 Burdette Street, Omaha, and will entertain from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm with food and refreshments. The book reading will feature a talented lineup including Michelle Eva, Middle Eastern dance, and more.

Marcey Yates, founder of Culxr House, says that they aim “to support your local creatives by giving them a platform to support their brand.”

SATURDAY: “Circus of the Mind”



Moonstruck luminescence, a salt-of-the-earth groundedness, and wry wit fill Heidi Hermanson’s Waking to the Dream—a peripatetic journey down forgotten Midwestern backroads, along the current of the Niobrara, and through the labyrinthine curves of more spiritual pathways. These are grit-stung, fierce and dreamy lyrics that will awaken you to the yearning, sorrow, and splendor of your life.

—Lee Ann Roripaugh, Author of Dandarians, South Dakota State Poet Laureate

The webpage of Heidi "Prairiesong" Hermanson, poet and travel author is

Upcoming Readings with Heidi

May 18, Culxr House (with Developing Crisp and Circus of the Mind) 2417 Burdette, 2 p.m.

June 8, Papillion Literary Festival, Sump Library, 222 North Jefferson, Papillion, 1-3 p.m.

June 14, Espresso Shop by Caravan, North Platte, 7 p.m.

June 22, Gratitude Cafe, Lincoln, 7 p.m.

July 17, Poetic Underground at Uptown Arts Bar, Kansas City, MO (feature), 9:00 p.m.

July — Poetry Salon (feature) at the Haas-Hansen House, Chicago, TBA

September 13-15 SIGNAL Poetry Festival, Ames, Iowa TBA

*Please check back as other dates will be added at

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