Police Pursue Teens in Neighborhood after High-Speed Chase

Police descended on a neighborhood Tuesday evening, following 6 teens after a dangerous mobile pursuit.


Before 7 pm, police pursued the report of a stolen vehicle around 31st and Larimore. Due to high speeds, the pursuit was called off. Not long after the chase, the car was seen again near the Highlander neighborhood east of 30th Street. Six young people were said to have fled from the car. Police stated all six children were apprehended. Of the six, three young African-American females were witnessed being questioned by police.

The appearance of more than 12 squad cars in the Highlander neighborhood took many residents by surprise. Families took to their townhouse balconies to watch the spectacle unfold as police shrouded the area on foot. Everyone asking the next person “what happened?” 


This isn’t the first incident of police engaging in foot pursuits in the community, especially in relation to recent carjackings in Omaha. It is becoming a more visible spectacle as of late, seeing our young people in the community being apprehended for stealing cars. 

The more these incidents occur before us, drawing our attention, will we take notice of the real issuing trend at hand? Carjackings could be increasing at an alarming rate or not at all, but the fact it is our youth who are the main ones carrying out these so-called crimes, we have to ask ourselves, “Why is this happening?” 

Why are our young people going out and stealing cars? What else could our youth be doing, and are we doing what we can to provide that for them? Bored kids shouldn’t be punished because they have nothing better to do.

  • Peyton Zyla