Healing, Harmony, Tranquility at Urban Acres Horse Rescue

Horse therapy is becoming more common for all people. It helps physically, physiologically, socially, and educationally. Some of these benefits include, muscle stimulation, advanced equestrian skills, improved coordination, improved appetite and digestion, sensory integration, improved self-confidence, development of patience, friendship, and motor planning, among other things. Studies also show that people working with horses experience lower stress levels and reduced feelings of tension, anxiety and anger. As well as decreased blood pressure. Allowing you to better yourselves from the inside out!

Urban Acres Horse Rescue


Do you need a space that allows you to interact with horses? Urban Acres Horse Rescue has place right here in Omaha just for the benefits stated above! Founded by Carol Moss, Urban Acres Horse Rescue is a local spot in the community which has been around since the early 90’s. They are known for rescuing horses from going to the slaughter and rehabilitating them. It is a place for the youth to get inspired that will allow them to be creative and feel empowered, by interacting with nature as well as farm life animals. Urban Acres Horse Rescue invites the community to check it out for yourselves this Saturday August 3rd, from 12:00-3:00p.m. It is located at 4806 Redman Ave. There will be horse feeding, music, food, photos and good times. Expect the unexpected and the opportunity to learn more about this safe heaven open to you! The energy and vibrations are undeniable and you will not leave the same way you arrived. Donations and volunteers are more than welcome, if you are looking to make a difference and not afraid of getting dirty. For more information you can find them on Facebook at Urban Acres Horse Rescue, or www.UrbanAcresRescue.com.

Luis Jimenez