NOISE Report - April 29

Omaha 360 is a weekly meeting hosted by The Empowerment Network that brings community organizations and the Omaha Police Department together to discuss crime, concerns, and local activities.

Sargent Aaron Hanson from the OPD Gang Unit gave a detailed report on how members of the African Pride and Tripset gangs were recently arrested.

“Their claim to fame was stealing guns, reselling guns, and selling marijuana at the same time,” said Hanson.

A total of fifteen were brought into custody, including twelve federal indictments. Some of the men were found as far away as Lincoln and Sioux City.

When asked about the possible motives of the gangs and their members, Sargent Hanson said,

“Well, I think their motives are probably similar to what we see with many other young men and women that entangle themselves in gang activity. They’re looking for some type of a family structure, some type of sense of belonging that they maybe did not have growing up, that they lost track of or… and that’s primarily with a lot of these young men that we researched in this indictment, a lot them came from very challenging backgrounds.”

According to the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, research shows that traumatic experiences like abuse, neglect, domestic and community violence can increase the risk of children becoming involved in gangs.

Omaha 360 meets every Wednesday at 2pm at the Omaha Home for Boys Wurdeman Building, 4343 N 52nd St.

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