NOISE Report - April 22

Omaha City Council

Omaha City Council

The Open Meetings Act offers an opportunity for the public to be civically involved, while requiring state and local government officials to give notice to when and where public bodies meet.

It’s a state statute that obligates the Omaha City Council and Douglas County Board of Commissioners, among others like the Omaha Board of Education, to provide information to the public.

The law defines what a public body is and how to provide notice  of meetings.

The Nebraska Open Meetings Act also holds violators accountable with a misdemeanor.

For the public, there is a copy of the Open Meetings Act here located on the north wall of the Legislative Chambers. Also, there is a automatic defibrillator in the back of the room if anybody needs it for health reasons. – Chris Rodgers, County Board Chair

NOISE invites you to participate when possible at public meetings and speak up to advocate for your neighborhood, community, and fellow taxpayers. I’m Peyton Zyla.

Omaha City Council gave notice for a public hearing on a proposed plastic bag ban.

The ordinance states that “a business establishment shall not provide single use plastic carryout bags.”
The agenda item is scheduled for a final vote on April 30th.

Local citizens got an opportunity to attend a public forum with Senator Ernie Chambers and Commissioner James Cavanaugh at North High School.

This forum on the Douglas County justice project, is an update with community discussion about juvenile detention and a courthouse annex proposal.

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I’m Luis Jimenez.

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