NOISE Report - April 15

Earth Day 2019 drew thousands to Elmwood Park where local organizations, community groups, and public officials shared information related to environmental sustainability in Omaha.

OPPD Director, Eric Williams, who oversees most of Northeast Omaha, explained a new community solar program that would replace the former nuclear power plant at Fort Calhoun.

“You can buy a share of 100 kilowatt hours of electricity and that will appear on your bill and that will be you demonstrating the commitment to clean energy and helping to make sure that the new solar project in Fort Calhoun is successful.”

There are a total of 8000 community solar shares and more than 800 have already been purchased.

Williams also noted a program that incentivizes the adoption of electric vehicles.

“The electric vehicle charger incentive program that is still available. You can get an electric vehicle charger for your home, you can electrify your transportation, you can reduce your personal emissions. It is cleaner, easier, cheaper, and just generally a great way to get around in an electric vehicle.”

You can learn more about community solar, electric vehicles, and OPPD board of directors at

Douglas County submitted a motion in court last Thursday to dismiss the eminent domain of 420 S. 18th Street.

Property owner and architect Bob Perrin says the next step will be to determine if the county is liable for damages caused during their attempted takeover, to relocate juvenile detention downtown.

Chair Chris Rodgers has repeatedly indicated that five commissioners on the county board are still intent on co-locating a courthouse annex and juvenile detention downtown, referred to as a one-stop model.

What’s up this weekend?

Saturday, April 20 is full of community fun.

First an easter egg hunt at Adams Park community center from 9 to 11 am is free and open to the whole family.

Starting at noon, Keep Omaha Beautiful is hosting an Adams Park cleanup until 3pm.

Then at 3:30 come make some NOISE at the Malcolm X Memorial Foundation where we will be celebrating the one-year anniversary of North Omaha Information Support Everyone. Free food and music. Hope to see you there!

NOISE weekly POWER Hour will be hosted at Malcolm X Memorial Foundation on April 20th. We will resume meeting at Drips at 2205 N 24th on April 27th.

Dawaune Hayes