NOISE Report - March 25

Event(s): African Culture Night; 21st Annual Health Fair

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Floods Across Nebraska

Spring is here with warm weather.

Across Nebraska, melting snow and ice flooded streams and major waterways, causing great loss for farmers and ranchers, who have lost nearly $1 billion because of tariffs between the United States and China.

Satellite imagery shows the water tables of the Platte river and Missouri river swollen beyond their banks, washing away roads and collapsing bridges.

Missouri River - Omaha, NE - March 16-20;  Photos - NASA

Missouri River - Omaha, NE - March 16-20; Photos - NASA

Governor Pete Ricketts  Gwyneth Roberts/Lincoln Journal Star via AP

Governor Pete Ricketts
Gwyneth Roberts/Lincoln Journal Star via AP

Nebraska governor Pete Ricketts declared a state of emergency. President Donald Trump received and approved expedited federal disaster assistance requests made by the governor.

For more information on recovery efforts, visit the Nebraska emergency management agency at

County Justice Center Bonds

Commissioner Chris Rodgers - District 3   Nebraska Douglas County Commissioners

Commissioner Chris Rodgers - District 3
Nebraska Douglas County Commissioners

Relocating the Douglas County Youth Center (DCYC) downtown is closer to reality, as five members on the Douglas county board of commissioners are determined to break ground on the project as soon as April.

Commissioner Chris Rodgers introduced a resolution for Tuesday consideration, requesting that the Omaha-Douglas Public Building Commission issue $114 million in revenue bonds to construct a justice center and youth detention center on the former M.U.D. site located directly south of the Douglas County Courthouse.

Commissioner Rodgers represents North Omaha on the county board.

Retired Juvenile Judge Patrick McDermott is a vocal opponent who cautioned that the new infrastructure should focus on the well-being of young people:

“You want a place where trauma informed principles are policy, because believe me, it’s trauma. when you get down and dig in deep enough, it’s always trauma that gets kids in places like the youth center.”

I’m Luis Jimenez, reporting.
What’s up this weekend?

Friday, March 29, the Pan African Student Organization (PASO) celebrates their Third Annual African Culture Night. You’re invited for a night filled with African cuisine, entertainment, and dancing. African attire or formal wear is highly encouraged. for more information, visit UNO’s PASO on Facebook.

Saturday, March 30, take a moment to take care of you. Your health matters! Receive free health screenings for the whole family. The 21st Annual Black Family Health Fair will take place at 8 am to 12:30 pm at 7026 N 26th Circle. available screenings include but are not limited to, blood pressure, hearing, dental, lung cancer, glucose, STD testing, Flu shots, breast exams, and mental health.

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