Tuesday Open Mic at Culxr House Continues to Bring a Crowd to North 24th Street

Weather did permit participation on the ongoing Tuesday Open Mic at Culxr House, 2417 Burdette Street, Omaha. How often is there a chance to go to North 24th Street for rhyme or flow, while rain falls? The music is turned up and the stage set again in the Live Room. Participants in the open mic and the audience get a show curtesy of Culxr House, an event space and record shop, vintage clothing on sale (Culxr Closet), where artists can develop their brand. Marcey Yates, the show’s emcee, calls it a “platform.”

New performers, and Ivo30s, pulled up. Sign up asks for 9 hip hop performers. The event has house rules, like being respectful to all artists and encoring collaboration, to bring music on USB drive but that beats can be provided. The performances generally start when there is a crowd near the stage, or an artist is ready to go on it.

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Instagram @culxrhouse

Luis Jimenez