Finca Armonia | Building Harmony by Alisha Davis


Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat.

Imagine arriving to a lush green forest bordered on one side by mountains and on another, crashing waves of the ocean. Include a few volcanoes along the way and the locale is somewhere in the Caribbean — in this case, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.

On a road past the jaguar reserve lays a beautiful permaculture community a few call home, Finca Armonia.

I had the distinct pleasure of living on a segment of the property for three weeks.

As challenging as it can be to concentrate with the constant buzzing of bees and to get used to showering in cold rainwater, experiencing life in harmony with nature was one I will never forget. It has further inspired me to make more mindful, sustainable choices in every aspect of life. Since this body is the only one I get, I am starting with how I nourish myself.

Finca Armonia is a sustainable farm and collective community. The people who live there have homes made from shipping containers and the wood of fallen trees.

All of the water used comes from gathered raindrops, collected in large cylinders and redistributed through a system of pipes. Then there’s the food. So much food is grown on this farm; there is almost no need to even visit the market! Many of the crops are not grown in the US, such as cacao, guaba, and water apples. They also grow more familiar foods like bananas, cashews, mangoes, and kale.

The biggest differences I noticed were the sizes, smells, and tastes. Everything was rich in color, flavor, and aroma. Nothing was sprayed with chemicals. Everything was planted, harvested, and prepared with love.

I could feel the difference.

I visualized the North Omaha community thriving in harmony like Finca Armonia — everyone making mindful choices about our long-term health, wealth, and sustainability. Reconnecting with each other, the land, and ourselves as we combine our strengths and build for the generations to succeed us.

It can all start with simple food choices. We make them multiple times a day, everyday. When was the last time you stopped and reflected on those choices? Asked questions about why you make them?

Are these choices sustainable for a long life? Do you know what is in the food you eat? Should it be important to know more about your food? After all, food is the resource that keeps your body operating at its best.