We are Power


Power is ... money say many

Power is ... love said family

Power is ... the ability to exert influence said another

... Does not every person have the ability to influence?

Power is often determined by the amount of work someone exerts upon an object, thought, or person.

Power is from within and without. Our power stems from our ability to do for ourselves and others. When we do things, the result impact us, other people, and our environment.

People are both products of their environment and of their own natural abilities and desires. When these two forces work together with positive reinforcement, we can begin to claim our power.

This applies to all levels of power – personal, social, natural, and political.

Never let anyone tell you or others that you are not powerful.

Everyone has their own power.

We can either choose to embrace and share our power or give it away.

When we cultivate our own and learn to share, power benefits everyone.

When we give it away, typically because we do not understand our fullest potential, we can be crushed by power.

No human ought to be subservient to another.

That is not equal or balanced.

We must come to understand that Power is infinite.

It lies within us.

Our existence is Power.

Your existence is Power.

Power is action and we all have it. What will we do with it?

Will we use our power to suppress others?

Or will we use our power together to sustain one another?

What do you want to see change?

The People of Nebraska have the opportunity affect the future of government in the state.

Numerous elected offices are reopening and we can choose who will hold those offices.

The position of Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, county official, school board, among others, will be determined by the number of people who fill out a ballot.

What do you want from your community?

These offices and the people who run them, directly affect you and your family everyday.

Do you know who they are?

Our current representatives are not in clear, accessible, and direct communication with us. As residents and neighbors, we ought to be wholly aware of who is making decisions on our behalf.

When was the last time you saw Nebraska’s state treasurer? Do you know their name? Did you know that the state treasurer’s office handles child support payments? Transparency and understanding of how the world affects our lives is crucial.

You may be saying to yourself, “I don’t have time for politics, I have my own shit to worry about.”

That is understandable. Important information is not centralized and can be hard to manage while trying to navigate the life’s essentials. That is why NOISE exists. We work with The Omaha Star and 101.3 FM Mind and Soul to do the leg work on getting information in one place for the community to find.

Our team works to get out and ask people what they want and need to know so we report on those issues.

When people know what is going on and how things affect them, then they can make more informed decisions that hopefully improve their life and the lives of others.

We all deserve to know how our world works.

We believe 2018 is the year of action.

The upcoming primary on May 15 is our chance to tell our representatives who we are.

No longer can we wait for something to change our lives.

Only we can do that.

I claim my power as an individual by accepting love for myself and sharing love with others. When I make someone smile, my soul is filled with joy, and fuels me to continue working.

We created an election tree with descriptions of each office and included a photo of the people running for that office. We could not provide detailed information on every single candidate, but we want to show you the number of people claiming to care about you and your existence enough to run for office.

Dawaune Hayes