NOISE, shorthand for North Omaha Information Support Everyone, is a community-led news initiative committed to strengthening information creation and distribution in North Omaha, Nebraska and across the city.


Our Mission

As major news outlets continue to cut staff and social media feeds become less dependable, hyperlocal news efforts are important now more than ever. The focus of NOISE is to make a difference by connecting people to news they can use by people they can trust.


Our Path

Since our launch in April 2018, NOISE has built a strong team of community members, predominately from North Omaha, to serve as the reporting staff. We believe everyone has a story to tell and all we need is place and way to tell it. Our team works collaboratively to learn from one another, and the community at-large, while embarking on this ambitious mission.

NOISE will continue to grow louder as we connect with people, learn about issues relevant to North Omaha, and provide quality journalism to inform the betterment of our local and global community.

Watch our talk at TEDxCreighton where Alum, Dawaune Hayes, director of NOISE, shares the history of racial tension in Omaha and encourages community members to recapture their narrative and inform their neighbors.

Our Partners


The Omaha Star

The Omaha Star was founded in 1938 by Mildred D. Brown with a mission to bring civic information and positive coverage of the African-American community. The monthly print edition of NOISE is made available in The Star.

101.3FM Mind & Soul Radio + MXM Foundation

Based out of the Malcolm X Memorial Foundation,
101.3 FM Mind & Soul Radio shares music, news, and talk with a "northside perspective." Mind & Soul amplifies NOISE through the creation of our upcoming weekly NOISE Report and regular radio spots. MXM is a 501(c)3 and NOISE's fiscal sponsor.

Mildred d. Brown Memorial Study center

In Memoriam of The Star's founder, the Study Center works to keep journalism and media literacy alive through their Junior Journalism programming, annual Gala, and scholarships for young journalists of color.

The Listening Post & Internews

The Listening Post, a project of Internews, aids in the development and sustainability of NOISE by managing our initial grant, providing mentorship, and connecting us to necessary resources.


May 15, 2018

“I think that a publication like NOISE will definitely help out North Omaha and just any other community because it helps bring awareness to the people that are involved in the elections and the campaigns. A lot of times people just don’t know, they don’t know who’s running or what they do or what they stand for so I really like that they all can come together to see it tells you right there what they run for.”

– Melisha Potter, Day of Nebraska Primary



Get Involved

As a community-led organization, we are based on principles of collaboration and connection. We are always looking for volunteer contributors, artists, partner organizations, and development opportunities to ensure the sustainability of this growing community resource.


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NOISE is a project of 501(c)3 non-profit meaning you can make a tax-deductible donation to support community journalism.