Activate Pulls Up on The Culxr House for Drum and Bass

“Activate” is a celebration of drum and bass music in the city. This Saturday, by request, these dedicated organizers are adding an additional genre to their line-up at Culxr House.

Huskinopolis says, “Elusyve himself will be throwing down one of his legendary Electro-Swing sets. Lincoln's King of the Jungle Moeglie will once again be blessing our event with his OG drum & bass (D’n’B) sound. Ladies and Gentlemen, you won't want to miss this month's Activate. Hosted by Culxr House

SATURDAY @ 10 PM: Activate 2019.05


“The intention behind ACTIVATE, Omaha’s only Drum & Bass monthly, is to inspire individuals and the community to awaken and become activated in their life’s purpose. It is also my intention for Omaha to become the geographic central hub for Drum & Bass music in the United States. Activate has given me purpose. I wish to share that feeling with everyone, especially those who have yet to find their purpose.”

Jason Huskey, administrator of Omaha Drum & Bass

Marcey Yates, founder of Culxr House, says, “We expect dance vibes all night. This is first of its genre to hit the Culxr House, but we are all for it! ACTIVATE is dedicated to its followers and gives them a fun place to party and dance.”
Check out Facebook for the May 25th event for Activate 2019.05.

Luis E. Jimenez